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Landscape paintings

Selva de Irati - paisajes de otoño pintados al óleo - Miquel Cazaña 2020 - original paintings Landscape paintings

Impressionist landscape oil paintings

My work has been mostly focused on landscape paintings for the last 6 years. Learning in depth impressionist landscape painting in oil on canvas, and following the steps of my grandmother, the painter Carmen Gandía.

Each year I go outside to look for the most impressive landscapes, especially rural landscapes. At the end of the year I have painted all the variety of wonderful scenes that you can find in nature: from oil paintings of autumn country landscapes, spring panoramas with poppies or other landscapes with flowers, forests with realistic horses, oil paintings of waterfalls, oil paintings of mountains and rivers, or oil paintings of lemons, olive trees, cherry trees or almond trees in blossom. Not forgetting the oil paintings of snowy landscapes.

I must admit that since I visited in 2015, the forest that has impressed me the most has been the Irati Forest in Navarra. For me, there is something really special about autumn landscapes painted in oil, and I was already impressed by my grandmother’s oil paintings of forests every time I saw that she had painted a new one.

Roncesvalles. Cuadros pintados al óleo de paisajes nevados
paisajes de otoño pintados al óleo
pinturas al oleo de paisajes campestres
paisajes de otoño pintados al óleo