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How to make a string globe light with vintage Edison led bulbs?

26 de October de 2021
lampara globo de cuerda - string globe light

The magic of the string globe light. In this post I’m going to show you how I made a homemade and very simple way a string globe light; one of the elements that I like the most in our bedroom.

Bedroom with modern but ethnic style decoration

This lamp will look great if you like warm and ethnic spaces with the presence of natural elements such as wood, paper, jute … Also if you combine it with wooden cabinets and furniture, whether it is waxed or white vintage wood.

How to make a handmade ceiling globe lamp made of rope? Materials

The truth is that to make this string globe light you don’t need to go to a very specialized hardware store to find the materials. On the contrary. Except for the vintage Edison led bulb, you can find the rest of the materials in a Chinese bazaar.You should have at your disposal white glue, a large balloon, string and vintage edison led bulbs with bulb holders.

Large balloon for the lamp

The size of the balloon will depend on how big you want the lamp to be. I wanted it to be about 60 cm in diameter, so I bought a very large globe that I found in an oriental bazaar near my house.

What rope is suitable for this type of pendant ceiling lights?

In the case of the rope, I have found that it looks much better if it is thin and dark. So I looked for a jute rope of about 3 mm in diameter. I do not remember if I bought it at Leroy Merlin, but later I have seen them in more than one oriental bazaar.

Although for a lamp of these dimensions, I thought it was important to use a thicker rope at first so that when it dried it would make a good base. In the end I removed this second thicker cord and added a few more lengths of the thinner, darker cord, which was the one that looked the best.

What retro bulbs are we going to use for the string globe light? Edison bulbs | Vintage led bulbs

These vintage led bulbs often have an incandescent filament which, along with the orange light they give off, makes them tremendously attractive.

This bulb can be purchased in large centers such as Leroy Merlin, Brico Depot or others like it. Although you can also find it on Amazon at the following link:

Rope balloon lamp: the hardest part is getting started

Once you have inflated the balloon comes the hardest part. You will have to find a support to place it and with which the balloon will not move too much. I used a large pot.

On the other hand, in a pot that allows you to put in and take out long pieces of string, put white glue and mix it with water. From here, you spread the string in the pot and when you take it out you put it directly on the balloon. Probably at the beginning it is convenient that the glue is quite thick so that the first stretches of rope dry relatively fast and hold better the following ones.

I say this because I made the mistake of making the glue too thin and the first sections of string were too slippery and took too long to dry. It is also recommended to add a little cornstarch to the glue.

The balloon will start to deflate and in two or three days it will be a very different size than it was the first day.

lampara globo de cuerda - string globe light

If you like the style of this string globe light but you don’t have time or desire to make one, the truth is that I discovered some brands with an incredible variety of lamps in this style, as well as other more rustic or metal, but with amazing designs and with orange Edison bulbs.

Metal and copper lights

Bamboo or string ceiling lights

Vintage wood ceiling and wall lamps

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