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Seascape paintings

Pinturas de atardeceres al óleo - Puerto de Barcelona - Miquel Cazaña 2018 - Seascape paintings

Oil paintings of the sea, Seascape paintings, whether they are seascapes with a palette knife, pictures of coves or oil paintings of sailing boats, are another of the recurring themes in my career as a painter. My grandmother, the painter Carmen Gandía, had already painted many oil paintings of Mediterranean seascapes, whether they were ports or beaches of the Costa Brava, Barcelona or even the Balearic Islands, the smell of the moored fishing boats at rest could be perceived in each of her accurate and atmospheric brushstrokes.

Being a Mediterranean painter: the call of Seascape paintings

I have always been attracted by the singularities of my land, the Mediterranean. And being a painter I could not miss the call of oil paintings of seascapes, Seascape paintings. When I looked through my grandmother’s work in 2014 I got into all these oil beaches, those paintings of seascapes, sometimes impressionistic, sometimes more realistic, but always with a timeless touch; they were oil paintings of seascapes that always seem modern, as good paintings do.

Puerto de Barcelona - Seascape paintings

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