Collection: Abstract

Let's see imagination playing alone

I have always longed for freedom. And I have sought it by moving away from all mental, emotional and behavioral configurations, in search of something purer and more authentic. In art, figuration and the infinite alterations that can be practiced in it are fascinating. But I also need to work and experiment without any predetermined form as a base. I need to see the imagination playing in the void.

  • The emotion they give off

    The combination of infinite shades of color are mixed in this collection in a way that is difficult to imagine until it is seen. Also the increasingly unexpected compositions and even the textures contribute to a vast repertoire of manifestations intended to challenge the viewer.

  • A new universe

    As a fully free artist who needs to experiment frequently and step out of his comfort zone, this collection is more than guaranteed to surprise and curiosity, but also rigor and consistency, if only to ensure that he will do his best to move away from consistency and achieve something unexpected and authentic.

  • The suggestive approach to time

    The great interest that abstract art has when it makes use of different materials and roughness is that it represents the passage of time in a way that is as faithful as it is inspiring. Through all kinds of signs, accidents and transformations of matter, we reach a really interesting sensation of perishing and rebirth.