Collection: Voices from the lost paradise

Making the extraordinary ordinary

As an illustrator I needed to create a larger format work with the highest quality imaginable, both in terms of the study of details as well as composition and color. This collection puts the human being at the center of everything and confronts him with his miseries and his greatness, whether in our most egocentric and superficial version or in our deepest and most elevated one. Thus, my mission is to report what I observe, as I did in 2005 in my first work, De Barcelona al Món, in which I talked about the lights and shadows of the immigration phenomenon in the city of Barcelona.

This collection is probably the most conscientiously studied at the level of aesthetics and design and at the same time it is my most personal and universal contribution to the art world. Although one of the reasons is to offer images with an indisputable appeal that we will remember for a long time, this is achieved by three legs that make up my great concerns: cinema and storytelling in general, the passion for traveling and learning from other cultures and the vicissitudes of the deep psychology of the human being.

  • Connects us with who we are

    Since we are talking about deep emotions, it is necessary to access the collective unconscious and connect with what is there to show it to the world and allow others to also connect with something deep and full of meaning, if they had forgotten it. So, to create these images I start from a scene that I have in my mind and in my heart, and that because of its strength and feeling I need to bring to light, concretize and simplify in a way that reflects all the sensory appeal that I have in mind.

  • Gives us hope, transcends us and reconciles us with what it means to be human.

    This collection transcends me as a person and transcends you as a viewer and takes on a global category of its own. My idea is to offer an observation of what it means to be human from an important point of hope, one that reduces our anxiety of constantly thinking about what we should do and what we should become instead of living who we are, our true reward.

  • An heirloom with a high therapeutic value

    A profound message is complicated to create, but once it is finished it is integrated in our spirits and has an important therapeutic value for everyone, because it produces a great well-being and a great liberation to know the truth, or something that resonates with honesty and saves you the discomfort of seeing an artist who has nothing to tell but cheap philosophy. This collection is made with the most honesty and rigor imaginable. For that reason, more than most works of art sold today, because of its depth and technical quality it has heirloom overtones.