Why I paint

I have always had an innate talent for drawing and painting. My grandmother, Carmen Gandía, was already a very good painter of landscapes and seascapes. So from my early childhood I remember that fascination with the magical fact of being able to reproduce or represent things with my own hands to give my version of the events.

Carmen Gandia and Miquel Cazaña I think I have always done it for the pleasure of living the process, for the immense magic that lies in it. Create something that did not exist and that only you can interpret in that way.

I love emphasizing reality, and other times inventing it based on fantasy and making it seem real.
I think that this game of experimenting and intuiting what is in my mind and must be transferred to a canvas is something majestic and revealing. It helps me to be more connected to life, and it also helps the people who buy the paintings to be more connected to the intrinsic magic in reality that we so often forget.

Welcome To My Studio

I am influenced by movements such as impressionism, romanticism and expressionism, surrealism. When I move in impressionism it is usually through landscapes. It fills me with life and I feel a great inner depth when I walk along paths surrounded by nature and forests. The fact of reproducing those landscapes with my own hands allows me to extend that inspiring moment for many hours and enjoy that beauty as if I were creating it. My favorite landscapes are those of autumn because of the wide range of toasted colors they offer.

From romanticism and surrealism I am fascinated by those elements that make a painting disturbing or enveloping. It seems essential to me to give solemnity to everything I paint, but I also think it is important that it be impressive due to the way it is represented. Whether due to the different use of color, the composition of the elements or the fact that there are unexpected elements in the painting. I studied illustration in order to deeply understand how an image is constructed., because I love narrating events with images.

I am inspired by movements such as expressionism and abstract because those styles help me create movement with looser and less defined strokes, just as the creation of textures helps me break out of my mental conventions. If something seems necessary to me, it is to constantly break my own barriers in search of new languages ​​that take me to new worlds. 

Although I often paint in oil, I feel totally free to use other techniques such as collage or mixed techniques that include textures with gravel and binder, or other elements such as rusty metal scraps, ropes, etc. Oil paint allows me the widest range of nuances and gradients imaginable within the realistic spectrum. Collage, sand, glues and other techniques of abstract art allow me to short-circuit or reset my mind and leave realism to enrich the works with elements that are very effective in giving volume, accentuating the timeless aspect of the image or causing surprise.

I have held more than 50 individual exhibitions in different cities in Spain, in very varied spaces such as the halls of the Eurostars Group hotels, some rehabilitated factories such as the Farinera in Barcelona, ​​Foundations such as the Academy of Fine Arts of Sabadell or the Ibercaja Foundation Montearagón Castle in Huesca, Galleries such as the Fariza gallery in Bilbao, the Art Cuestión Gallery in Orense or the Ateneo de Madrid.

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