"I help you to imagine reality in a new way, and to live the fantasy as if it were reality."

Miquel Cazaña

  • Marc Gasset Arrando

    The years have gone by but my friendship with Miquel has grown as has the quality of his work. He is a great artist, with a personal touch in each creation that makes him unmistakable.

  • Rosa Maria Bachs

    I admire in his work, the psychological capture of different environments and characters, the perspective of the colour, the preciousness of the detail, the light and the freshness of the brushstroke.

  • Jordi Calm Guiteras

    I have several works by Miquel at home; each canvas transmitted a message as a whole, a proposal for reflection and experience that seemed to renew itself with each revision. A real pleasure for the senses and for the soul.


  • Gianni Ginesi

    Miquel’s painting is not a simple figurative representation of reality. It is his way of seeing that reality: an explosion of colours and contrasts that reveal the light of each place and each moment.

  • Imma Bello

    We met Miquel Cazaña in 2013. We were immediately struck by the luminosity of his work. His treatment of light seems to catch the moment. On the other hand, the intense colour of his painting invades the space in which it is exhibited. Thank you Miquel for filling our house with light.

  • Rafa Polonio

    I have commissioned to Miquel some paintings. His exhibitions are getting better and better, are gaining in quality, in light. Whatever the discipline he proposes, although what I admire most is the realism and the life he breathes into them, without a doubt his personal touch. In my opinion he makes the difficult easy. Undoubtedly he is an ARS ARTIS to follow closely.

Meet the artist

I have always had an innate talent for drawing and painting. My grandmother, Carmen Gandía, was already a very good figurative. From my early childhood I remember that fascination being able to represent things with my own hands to give my version of the events.

I paint for the immense magic that lies in the process. Create something that did not exist and that only you can interpret in that way.

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