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"If my landscape work is defined by anything in particular, it is the meticulous work on the light and atmosphere of each place I paint, as well as the ability to give uniqueness to the particular place I am representing, either with compositional, narrative or stylistic resources. You can paint in two ways: describing what is there or making what is there your own. I study what I paint and give it a singular personality. I highlight and emphasize what I see that makes it unique."

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  • A narrative that makes it more symbolic and emotive

    Miquel shows his creativity and imagination. He is not an artist who is satisfied with just painting what he sees; He graduated as an illustrator from the prestigious Massana School in Barcelona with honors. For him, images are created to narrate something to us, working on the image as a whole but consciously studying what each element of the painting has to express to us in order to produce a certain emotion.

  • The magical atmosphere of every place

    Few artists manage to represent the foundations or the atmosphere of something with grace and conviction. When Miquel decides to paint a motif, it is because he has set out to represent the spirit of it. The core or soul, the main and profound features that make the thing unique.

  • Technical perfection

    Miquel Cazaña uses oil painting with mastery in the figurative and landscape collection paintings. Grandson of the great landscape painter Carmen Gandía (Barcelona 1923-Olot 2001), in Miquel's case, the mixture of a formidable basic hand with the baggage that comes from having started very young and having been painting for half a lifetime is noticeable.