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Barcelona Citadel Park

Barcelona Citadel Park

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With a meticulous and precious drawing that brings out all the talent both the innate talent and that acquired over the years of the Barcelona artist, this painting of the park of the Citadel of Barcelona is a unique jewel for its combination of realist and abstract styles, reinforced with this strong and aforementioned drawing base.

The artwork has it all: in the middle ground, a more prominent strip made up of palm trees of different sizes and other larger trees. From there, the symbolic roundabout emerges on the right, with Domenech y Muntaner's Castle in the background. Although both the roundabout and the castle are partially blurred, the painter's subtle devices allow us to see  that the roundabout is closer than the vegetation and that the castle is in the background.

The light helps us to perceive a timeless picture. Although a large part of the surface remains white to emphasise the powerful drawing, there is a subtle light entering from the left that marks both the vegetation and the esplanade in the foreground.

It is an artwork that seems destined to be in black and white, but when it is embellished with some soft tones and this strong late light, it transports us to a fascinating place that seems to be from another era, and which is as romantic as it is melancholic.


Technique: Oil on 5 mm wooden board
Size: 37 x 80 cms
Year: 2021

Delivered with the grey wooden frame that can be seen in the photo. The dimensions of the box will be approximately 52 x 95 cms.

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  • Rafael Polonio

    I have commissioned to Miquel some paintings. His exhibitions are getting better and better, are gaining in quality, in light. Whatever the discipline he proposes, although what I admire most is the realism and the life he breathes into them, without a doubt his personal touch. In my opinion he makes the difficult easy. Undoubtedly he is an ARS ARTIS to follow closely.

  • Imma Bello

    We met Miquel Cazaña in 2013. We were immediately struck by the luminosity of his work. His treatment of light seems to catch the moment. On the other hand, the intense colour of his painting invades the space in which it is exhibited. Thank you Miquel for filling our house with light.

  • Rosa Maria Bachs

    I admire in his work, the psychological capture of different environments and characters, the perspective of the colour, the preciousness of the detail, the light and the freshness of the brushstroke.


  • A narrative that makes it more symbolic and emotive

    Miquel shows his creativity and imagination. He is not an artist who is satisfied with just painting what he sees; He graduated as an illustrator from the prestigious Massana School in Barcelona with honors. For him, images are created to narrate something to us, working on the image as a whole but consciously studying what each element of the painting has to express to us in order to produce a certain emotion.

  • The magical atmosphere of every place

    Few artists manage to represent the foundations or the atmosphere of something with grace and conviction. When Miquel decides to paint a motif, it is because he has set out to represent the spirit of it. The core or soul, the main and profound features that make the thing unique.

  • Technical perfection

    Miquel Cazaña uses oil painting with mastery in the figurative and landscape collection paintings. Grandson of the great landscape painter Carmen Gandía (Barcelona 1923-Olot 2001), in Miquel's case, the mixture of a formidable basic hand with the baggage that comes from having started very young and having been painting for half a lifetime is noticeable.

Landscape and figurative painting collection

Miquel Cazaña uses oil painting with mastery in the figurative landscape colection paintings. His grandmother was the landscape painter Carmen Gandía (Barcelona 1923-Olot 2001), a female exponent with enough quality and volume of work to be part of the famous Olot School of landscape painting.

In Miquel's case, the mixture of a formidable basic hand with the baggage that comes from having started very young and having been painting for half a lifetime is noticeable. It also shows his creativity and imagination and his beginnings as an illustrator, so he graduated from the prestigious Massana School in Barcelona with honors. He is not an artist who is satisfied with just painting what he sees; he needs to add elements that make each of his works unique.

As his own clients say —some of them treasure a dozen works—, his paintings improve from exhibition in formal quality as well as in emotional and chromatic intensity and even in movement. His ductile and versatile hand responds magnificently to the designs that the painter feels best in each situation, moving between impressionism, romantic realism, surrealism or even the abstract.

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