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BATH - Canvas Print on stretcher bars

BATH - Canvas Print on stretcher bars

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The magnificent city of Bath, with a written history dating back to 43 AD, has enchanted me since I visited it in 2002 with its elegance and serene beauty.

In particular this view of Pulteney Bridge, with its harmonious way of the water falling in several levels forming parabolas, inspired me a lot of peace and harmony.

As I visited the city in summer, I tried to capture in the painting the exultation of nature that appears in the image. And as for the sun, although it is not direct but camouflaged by shy clouds, it lets us glimpse the warmth of its rays in the reflections of the trees, the buildings in the background or the flowers in the foreground.


    Enhanced texture and timeless beauty with canvas printing. The texture of the canvas enhances the natural look of the image, creating a truly immersive artistic experience.


    - Responsibly sourced wood is used for the stretcher bars, mainly FSC certified wood, to make the canvas prints, ensuring a durable and high quality product.

    - A hanging kit is included.

    - To avoid damage during transport, the canvases are shipped in protective packaging and sturdy boxes.

    - Printed and shipped to order. No minimums are required.

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    • A unique view

      Believe it or not, there are no paintings or hardly any images taken from this particular but wide viewpoint in which we can also see these columns on the left with the meadow descending. Even less with these flowers in the foreground.

    • A unique moment

      This summer view depicts a unique moment, with the sun peeking through the clouds and softly illuminating buildings and trees, with these exultant flowers - an element with a very successful volume - and with this girl reading quietly.

    • Magical realism

      Both the colours that make up the image and the beauty of each element and texture is emphasised and celebrated with every brushstroke. Thus achieving a magical realism that invites us to see things with optimistic eyes and a joyful soul.

    • Marc Gasset

      The years have gone by but my friendship with Miquel has grown as has the quality of his work. He is a great artist, with a personal touch in each creation that makes him unmistakable.

    • Imma Bello

      We met Miquel Cazaña in 2013. We were immediately struck by the luminosity of his work. His treatment of light seems to catch the moment. On the other hand, the intense colour of his painting invades the space in which it is exhibited. Thank you Miquel for filling our house with light.

    • Gianni Ginesi

      Miquel’s painting is not a simple figurative representation of reality. It is his way of seeing that reality: an explosion of colours and contrasts that reveal the light of each place and each moment.