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Sunset in La Havana, Cuba - Canvas Print on stretcher bars

Sunset in La Havana, Cuba - Canvas Print on stretcher bars

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A work inspired by Havana, Cuba, which differs from others in this section in that in this case it is a completely invented composition and scene.

In these cases, the motivation has an internal stimulus and consists of imagining an interesting scene, with all the elements that make it really interesting, and then starting to make sketches of what would be the best composition, distribution and relationship between the elements.

Of my paintings, this is the best-selling print to date, and that's because it has everything.

1. A girl dancing on top of a typical Cuban car, dressed in a characteristic Cuban way. This already conveys an important sense of rebellion and freedom.

2. Some musicians accompanying her, the first of them younger and more attractive like the girl dancing, is the one who makes us feel a connection and a greater fascination towards the girl dancing and also towards him and towards the musicians for their dedicated way of playing and living the situation.

3. A sunset in the middle of the street. Who has never imagined a sunset on the Malecón in Havana, with those buildings with porches so typical of the city.

4. Extra company. Not only the three musicians are important. Every element is speaking and having a relationship with the protagonist and the spectator. The grandmother and the child watching from the balcony (also the bird), the palm trees or the sailboat, make up something special and frankly attractive.


Enhanced texture and timeless beauty with canvas printing. The texture of the canvas enhances the natural look of the image, creating a truly immersive artistic experience.


- Responsibly sourced wood is used for the stretcher bars, mainly FSC certified wood, to make the canvas prints, ensuring a durable and high quality product.

- A hanging kit is included.

- To avoid damage during transport, the canvases are shipped in protective packaging and sturdy boxes.

- Printed and shipped to order. No minimums are required.

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  • The joy it exudes

    A scene that evokes happiness and freedom whichever way you look at it. An image that makes our imagination fly to the place, imagining our life there, a holiday or an unexpected visit

  • Warmth

    This orange colour that tinges everything makes us feel an experience of positivity from which it is difficult to escape.

  • The inspiration

    All these elements described above make up an illustrated scene that inspires us to live life differently, the way it has always seemed to us that Cubans live it.

  • Marc Gasset

    The years have gone by but my friendship with Miquel has grown as has the quality of his work. He is a great artist, with a personal touch in each creation that makes him unmistakable.

  • Rafael Polonio

    I have commissioned to Miquel some paintings. His exhibitions are getting better and better, are gaining in quality, in light. Whatever the discipline he proposes, although what I admire most is the realism and the life he breathes into them, without a doubt his personal touch. In my opinion he makes the difficult easy.

  • Rosa Maria Bachs

    I have known Miquel since 2004 and have followed him since his beginnings. I admire in his work, the psychological capture of different environments and characters, the perspective of the colour, the preciousness of the detail, the light and the freshness of the brushstroke.